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CONTROL YOUR HOME SECURITY WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE The camera sends an alarm to your smartphone and saves visitor activity on the memory card so you can view them later. Protect your home and loved ones wisely! Keep an eye on the places that matter to you through live streaming.

You can easily connect to your home or office WiFi network so you can access your videos from anywhere. With an intuitive app available on both iOS and Android, you can stream real-time videos to your device. LISTEN OR TALK THROUGH THE CAMERA You can listen and talk through the app with the built-in sensitive microphone of the outdoor security camera. Voice input works two-way, so you can even talk to your visitor or greet your guests. And with a motion sensor alarm, you can get rid of uninvited guests. CHANGE THE DIRECTION OF THE CAMERA ON YOUR PHONE You can rotate the camera horizontally and perpendicularly to maximize your field of vision. With the 4x digital zoom, you can view distant objects in more detail, but you can also zoom out to get a wider view. Night shooting not only with infrared LEDs This camera is unique because it also has 2 high-power white LEDs. It also has two advantageous properties. One is that you can set it to turn on automatically when in motion, thus deterring a malicious intruder or even an animal. The other advantage is that it will not only be a black-and-white night infrared image of the intruder, but also a color day-quality image. Features: Material: ABS plastic Two-way audio input SD card (not part of the product) High resolution Color: white Signal 16 * 10 * 11 cm Motion detection
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